U-Map in Nordic countries


In November 2011, the U-Map in the Nordic counties started.


The Nordic Council of Ministers aims to contribute to making the Nordic countries an attractive and innovative higher education and research region. In achieving this goal the Council considers it important to create further transparency in the Nordic higher education landscape, to ease international comparison and to strengthen the common Nordic profile.

The Nordic Council of Ministers considers that a mapping process is an important step in order to make the institutional diversity of the Nordic region more transparent and comparable. (Download the full letter of recommendation, .pdf))

Project website

To facilitate the communication with the project team and the participating institutions, we created a Nordic project intranet page (login required).

Invited? > Register!

Higher education institutions in the Nordic countries are invited to register for participation and to identify their official contact person. The registration form can be found here.

On-Line questionnaire

The main data collection instrument is the on-line questionnaire. In this questionnaire, information on definitions used and underlying rationale of the question is provided.

The procedure

In the process from data collection to publication of results we follow the U-Map protocol.

Technical workshops

To facilitate higher education institutions in completing the questionnaire, a technical workshop will be organized in March 2012.

Important documents

The U-Map Glossary (version 3.0). The glossary specifies the definitions of the data elements of the questionnaire.


The technical workshops took place in March 2012. In October 2012, the results of the U-Map Nordic countries exercise were disseminated. The report of the seminar is available here.

In the Media

Please read here the articles that were published on the NORDEN website.

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