U-Map in Flemish higher education


In 2010, the Flemish Ministry of Education, together with the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science commissioned a project to the CHERPA consortium to generate U-Map profiles for all Flemish and Dutch higher education institutions. INCENTIM, University of Leuven organizes the activities for the Flemish institutions.

All Flemish higher education institutions will be given the opportunity to participate and have their own U-Map activity profile generated.

The procedure

In the process from datacollection to publication of results we follow the U-Map protocol.



A technical Workshop on the datacollection where indicators and technical and practical issues were discussed was held in Brussels in 2012


Two meetings with higher education institutions and other stakeholders on the progress and status of the project were held in 2012 and 2013


Pre-filling of questionnaires, using existing Flemish databases was finished in March 2013, data 2010


18 hogescholen and five universities invited to check and complete the U-Map questionnaire on 22 April 2013

Activities planned

May-June 2013

Data verification and creation of profiles

Fall 2013

Evaluation seminar where the results of the pilot will be discussed

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